Planting faster, more efficiently and with started plants – not seeds

Today Chrissy Wozniak sits down with Sam Guererri, the South East Sales Manager of revolutionary agtech company PlantTape.

Based in California’s Salinas Valley, PlantTape brings precision agriculture to growers of vegetables, tomatoes, and hemp. We believe in empowering farmers around the world to increase crop yield and lower costs. The entire PlantTape process is built around our namesake innovation: a biodegradable tape that holds seeds and seedlings. The tape facilitates ease of sowing, efficient nursery operations, and automated transplanting.


MetosUSA is a holistic IoT company with tools for smart agriculture. Through utilizing highly sophisticated technology, our goal is to help you navigate complex environmental data to make decisions that can help to improve your return on investment. With customizable hardware and hundreds of unique sensor configurations, MetosUSA has a solution for whatever type or agriculture or golf course you call your own.