Washington State University Department of Animal Sciences


The Department of Animal Sciences at Washington State University offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs, has active extension programs, and conducts excellent fundamental and applied research that benefits many segments of society.

A degree in animal sciences offers exciting opportunities for personal and professional development. The program prepares students for diverse careers in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Biotechnology
  • Farm and ranch management
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Animal welfare and behavior
  • Food safety
  • Medicine
  • Graduate studies
  • Agribusiness

Animal scientists explore ways to address current and future challenges faced by stakeholders, industry, and society. Employment and career opportunities abound in industries related to beef and dairy cattle, feedlots, swine, aquaculture, allied industries, animal shelters, vivaria, zoos, and agribusiness. The pre-veterinary medicine/science option is recommended for students planning to work in an area of science or biotechnology or planning to apply to a professional program leading to the doctor of veterinary medicine degree or graduate school.

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