Keep Silos on the Farm, Not in Your Business


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By Fred Pidsadny - FOCUS Management

"Only 9% of managers say that they can rely on colleagues in other functions and units all of the time; 50% say most of the time" HBR, March 2015 

Academics, consultants and business leaders started talking about organizational “silos” more than two decades ago.

Apart from a bit of hand-wringing and well-intentioned town halls and all-employee get togethers, little has been done to make it better.  In fact, the evidence suggests that organizational silos are getting taller, thicker and stronger. In your farm or business you likely see people pitted against one another, how can you break through these barriers?

We have a long history of helping our clients break down silos – and prevent them from being built through facilitation. Here are three ways to help keep silos out of the workplace:

1. Dialogue and transparency are key – no secret deals that, intentionally or not, create barriers and communication blackouts and put silo-building bricks in place. 

2. When teams that are significantly interdependent find themselves in a dysfunctional relationship, be sure to allow them to share their perceptions of the situation and each other, find common ground, and lay out a specific action plan to improve their working relationships.

3. Finally, when it becomes clear that performance issues (especially those affecting customers) are the result of flawed processes, establish ways to attack the flaws in those processes, find workable solutions together, and then implement the newer, better way.

Breaking down these divides is integral to the success in your farm or company. Millions of dollars are wasted every year by inefficient teams who don't work well together. Tackle this issue now and gain freedom from silos in your business!

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