The North American Dairy Industry - Regional Challenges, Differences & Opportunities

The dairy industry has one goal, to provide our nations with milk, but there are many ways across North America to achieve that goal. Regional, economic, political & climate differences widely impact how these farms are run. Not to mention how COVID-19 has changed not only the way farms do business, how the supply chain has been affected.

Moderated by: Scott Hartwell, Advanced Comfort Technology- DCC Waterbeds


Dwayne Faber -Faber Dairy, Burlington, Washington

Michael McMahon - EZ Acres LLC, Homer, New York

Lloyd Holterman - Rosy-Lane Holsteins LLC., Watertown, Wisconsin

John Staathof - Straathof Farms Ltd., Renfrew, Ontario

Kevin Bisschop - Kelsa Dairy, Chilliwack, British Columbia

Hosted by The Uncommon Ground Inc. & the North American Ag Roundtable.