With InsightTRAC Robotic Mummy Removal, Navel Orangeworms are a problem of the past. Our hands-free winter sanitation solution finds and removes mummies and comes with real time orchard insights to improve the health and yield of your next harvest season. 

After traditional shaking methods, InsightTRAC provides robotic on-site mummy removal services that also leverages data to help growers better manage and optimize their profit per tree. Initially targeting the almond industry, InsightTRAC provides growers an autonomous winter sanitation solution for what is currently a manual process.

InsightTRAC's Patent Pending Rover is designed to seek and destroy the problem of mummies, even in the largest orchards. With machine learning and sight-tracking technology onboard, the heavy-duty tank like tracks let the Rover roam through the rows of your crop and shoot mummies down with earth-friendly biodegradable pellets. While it's traveling and removing mummies and their invasive pests, it's also learning about your yield, giving insightful data like how many mummies removed per tree, potential yield savings per acre and other future revenue impact by removing these problematic pests.

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