Hose End Chamber


The Hose End Chamber is a hydraulic expansion chamber which protects your hydraulic machinery from this thermal expansion. Every day when your hydraulics are unhooked, thermal expansion is causing thousands of pounds of pressure to be put on your hydraulic equipment. This can cause your couplers to lock up, leaks to form, or your hydraulic cylinders to blow!

HEC LLC was founded in 2017 as a family owned and operated business based in Wisconsin. HEC LLC. is dedicated to helping hydraulic equipment owners and operators eliminate wasted time and bring a sense of ease to the recoupling process. Having more than 30 years of hands on mechanical experience allowed HEC LLC. the opportunity to witness the problems first-hand and develop a solution that would solve it. The H.E.C. line of products are patented and made in the USA.

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Watch the Ag Spotlight with Dale Maney of Hose End Chamber: