Silo Busting FOCUS Management



Silos belong on farms… not in your organization.
Departments who are more focused on their own success, to the detriment of organizational success, are called silos. They are tall, strong, exceptionally durable and hard to knock down just like farm silos. The Silo Busting Round Table is designed for Presidents who know they have a silo (s) in their organization, want to get rid of them and need a tried-and-true solutions.

Please join like-minded leaders in this Round Table who will be deeply engaged in conversation with like-minded peers and with the FOCUS facilitators. This is NOT a Webinar. No boring, long-winded Power Point Presentations. We will limit the attendance to 10 Leaders to ensure that everyone who wants to, can ask questions or answer questions based on their real time experiences with organizational silos.

Participants will receive a summary of the pre-workshop survey, the problem-solving conversation and  practical take-aways. A great investment of  45 minutes of your time.


With FOCUS Management

Wednesday March 31, 2021


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