FarmTank is a leading social platform for producers, ranchers, traders, and investors in agriculture! FarmTank was founded in 2020 with a mission to connect  Agriculture and Wall Street by repositioning “ag media” for the next generation.

You see, there’s a massive amount of information that you, our dear reader, do not have access to, and there’s also a ton of misinformation. Whether you’re too busy, don’t know the right people, don’t know where to look – whatever. It’s our mission at FarmTank to  unlock and share “real news” in an easy-to-consume format!

Our goal is to build one of the fastest-growing and most impactful information companies in the world!

Currently, we do that in three ways: our daily email called FarmTank; our premium investor newsletter The Van Trump Report; and our annual event called FARMCON that brings together producers, ranchers, traders, investors, and creative business minds.

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Watch the Ag Spotlight with FarmTank founder Jordan Van Trump: