Process Focused Marketing

We call ourselves The Uncommon Ground because we believe that every company has an uncommon story to tell, employs uncommon people, and creates uncommon products and services. Uncommon for us means special, different, and worth paying attention to. In today's world, it's the Uncommon that is remembered, so we want to shine a spotlight on what makes your company unique and discover your Uncommon Ground.

A company is made up of many roles and departments, and what we have learned over the years is that if you look at marketing just from the marketing department's perspective, you may increase leads but you won't have an efficient way to deal with those leads from first contact through to satisfied customer. This ends up in chaos, disgruntled employees, and a reactive way of managing our business. For your company to flourish, you need to look at it as a whole, like an entire body made up of parts that contribute to the wellness of the whole. Process -Focused Marketing looks at the entire sales and marketing process in three steps. Click here to learn more about our services and how we can help you. 

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