Pessl Instruments is a global organization with over 45,000 weather stations working worldwide to monitor various environments. For more than 35 years, Pessl Instruments have been developing intelligent farming solutions and a digital decision support system to help farmers and landowners improve the quality of their crop, increase yield and reduce waste, resulting in increased ROI.

They have developed a complete range of wireless, solar powered monitoring systems under the METOS® brand, and an online platform, FieldClimate, which can be used in various industries from agriculture to research, hydrology, meteorology, flood warning and more.

Since 1988, Pessl Instruments has been producing environmental monitoring systems for agricultural businesses, consulting firms, or research centers. METOS® monitoring systems are affordable, durable, and accurate instrumentation that provide decision making support for agricultural markets to aid in irrigation scheduling, water conservation, plant protection, insect, environmental monitoring and many others.

Metos USA began functioning as an independent, strategic marketing entity and United States manufacturer representative for Pessl Instruments in January 2014. With representatives strategically place in key regions across the country, Metos USA provides hardware, technical support, business planning and product marketing assistance to a diverse dealership network including equipment dealers, independent agronomists and state natural resource offices.

Headquartered in Sacramento, California, in 2019 Metos USA opened a new production facility to custom configure monitoring systems for the entire United States. Led by US General Manager Petru Stratan, our production team ensures that each and every unit sold is fully assembled and meticulously tested in the USA. With regional offices in Ogden, UT, Gretna, NE and Loxahatchee, FL, Metos USA is strategically placed within uniquely different areas of crop production across the country.

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