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So, what does YOUR world look like?

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the economy and every business, including agri-business. In the space of a few short weeks the world was turned upside down. For some of us, the effect has been nothing short of disastrous. Right now, RIGHT NOW, recovering is all that matters — digging out and fighting to find a way back to daylight.

Out of Crisis Comes Opportunity

Some ag based companies, because of the nature of the work they do or the products they provide, have barely slowed down. Others, in fact, are booming. A “good problem” to have – but it still represents a significant challenge. Challenges like longer lead times and factory back ups.

As for those who are hanging on by their fingertips… The challenge is greater, more urgent, and the need for action surmounts all else.

For all leaders this is a time to be decisive, be creative, and look for ways to reinvent their future. There is NO TIME TO WAIT. Others are moving, you need to do something now.

Rapid Agile Deployment

Because “soon” isn’t quickly enough...“flexible” isn’t responsive enough... and “the plan” isn’t the point!

Who saw this coming?

The current COVID-19 outbreak has had dramatic impacts on the global and local economy, and on businesses of every description. Dealing with the current situation has put organizations, and their leadership, under major stress. Many have effectively shut down, with hopes of re-opening with the “all clear”. Others are continuing to operate, but under conditions unlike any seen within our lifetimes. Things will change. Over time, we will return to normal – but likely, in some ways, a “new normal”. We can only speculate as to what this will look like, and in what ways it will be different from life and business as knew it at the turn of the year. The ONLY thing we know for certain is that we need to plan and organize ourselves to meet that future. Businesses that are best positioned and prepared for the recovery will far outpace those that simply focus on “getting by” with the situation facing them today. As has been said by many, “out of crisis comes opportunity”. This crisis is no exception.

“Tried and true” won’t cut it these days

Old structures, methods and approaches can’t keep up with the pace of change that is upon us – nor the speed of response and adaptation that is needed to do better than merely survive. We must move with the times. And so, for these times, we have created Rapid Agile Deployment (‘RAD’) – an online/virtual, short-cycle planning and deployment process:

• Move quickly – from initiation to deployment in two weeks

• Involve your people – get critical information from your front line, and gain buy-in to what needs to be done

• Keep a tight focus – execute a few, impactful things flawlessly

• Keep loose and move with a changing reality – remember it’s not all about the plan, it’s about getting results

This is what RAD will do for you.

Don’t wait The clock is running toward recovery. To know more, contact us:

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