Cause Matters

Meet Michele Payn

Connecting food & farm, brains & behavior

Michele brings clarity and common sense to nutrition, health and agriculture audiences. Her energy permeates a room and livestream. Her experience ignites ideas. Her audience engagement moves your meeting to a new level, whether it's online or in-person. When you are ready to work with one of North America's leading experts to grow people's knowledge around the plate, contact Michele. 

Utilizing her diverse professional experience in the agricultural, sales and not-for-profit sectors, Michele founded Cause Matters Corp., a company designed to create connections around the food plate, in 2001. Cause Matters Corp. focuses on addressing food myths, developing science communication, and connecting farm to food. In each of these core areas, Michele helps organizations clearly identify issues, understand their audience and develop big picture solutions. Michele's goal is to help you communicate "why your cause matters" - whether you're a scientist, dietitian or in agribusiness.

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