Ag Sales Professionals

With over 29 years in Agribusiness sales and sales management, Greg Martinelli brings a deep understanding of how to develop sales training programs.

More About Greg Martinelli of Ag Sales Professionals: 

Building a territory from the ground up by developing products, pricing and promotions/marketing to obtain a large market share was one of the greatest experiences of my career.  Going from zero market share to over 80% in certain segments and 10% overall, I learned a lot along that bumpy road.  I incorporate all these real-life lessons in my presentations and training programs.  Let your team learn from them today.

Moving into sales leadership, I grew and developed sales teams in the feed and grain industry that became winning teams for profits, growth, and engagement. My approach to growing the business and developing leaders in the Ag Field makes me a perfect choice for sales professionals and sales leaders.  There’s no manual on how to be an effective sales leader in Agribusiness nor how to grow your business profitably in the ever-changing world of Agribusiness nor how to inspire a home-based Ag sales team to 100% on their next engagement score.

The Mission of Ag Sales Professionals is to transfer all the experience and knowledge from my years in Ag Sales to your team.  We use the best approach for your team – whether that’s classroom workshops, on-farm sales coaching, webinars, sales meeting presentations or consulting.  Our main focus is customizing the training to your team and having an impact on their engagement & results.

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