AgFuse is a free networking tool created specifically for farmers and other agricultural professionals to connect with one another while sharing information and forming valuable associations. Never before has there been a platform that enables farmers, experts, suppliers and farm organizations to communicate with one another with such effectiveness and ease.

With AgFuse, farmers and other agricultural professionals can easily share stories, promote useful products, ask questions and otherwise connect. Hence, members can quickly learn about the latest innovations, research, policies, and much more.

Join interest groups and gain knowledge

Members can create or follow AgFuse Groups, which provide a place to discuss specific topics such as cover crops or precision technology. These Groups help farmers and other ag professionals to increase their knowledge and stay updated.

Make connections

The AgFuse platform has already launched an array of valuable connections. With AgFuse, conference attendees have stayed in touch, agronomists have promoted podcasts and blogs, cover crop experts have shared their research, and so on. Currently, members throughout the world--including the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Australia, Germany and Italy--are using AgFuse to connect.

Reach your audience

Due to the platform’s ag-specific community, AgFuse provides agribusinesses with an unprecedented opportunity to optimize their promotional efforts. Farming-related companies can easily reach their target audience directly on AgFuse without incurring the high costs and notable inefficiencies of working with a non-specialized publication. For example, some agribusinesses and sales professionals have already created AgFuse Groups to promote products and services.

Share your passion

The site's flexibility allows for journalists to quickly and easily promote their articles in a timely fashion. Additionally, AgFuse was designed so that farmers could become the content creators themselves and reach an audience of their peers with just a few clicks of a mouse.

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