Why Core Body Temperature Consistency is Important for Dairy Cow Health

Nancy Vander Byl of KühlerZ joins Chrissy Wozniak to discuss why core body temperature (CBT) consistency is critical for maintaining cow health.

KühlerZ offers a fully automated system to make every day feel like a consistent, cool day for your cows. Temperature swings and heatwaves cause cows to struggle, giving you big problems to deal with. You and your cows shouldn't have to suffer because of fluctuating and/or high temperatures.

When the temperature and humidity (THI) in your dairy barn change, the KühlerZ system reacts quickly and precisely to proactively prevent your cows from the negative effects of that temperature swing. We know it's frustrating when the temperatures jump around or skyrocket and your cattle performance suffers. KühlerZ has been helping farmers prevent the damaging effects of temperature swings and heat stress since 2009.

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