Robot Mummy Removal with Ag Tech Entrepreneur Anna Haldewang

Technology in agriculture is growing faster than we ever imagined. Chrissy Wozniak speaks to Anna Haldewang, an incredible young ag tech entrepreneur. She graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Industrial Design. She founded her first company, Plan Bee which has been featured on CNN and Time magazine and received recognition by Forbes at their Agtech Summit. She is also the CEO of InsightTRAC. Anna explains the incredible technology behind her InsightTRAC's Robot Mummy Removal System.

With InsightTRAC Robotic Mummy Removal, Navel Orangeworms are a problem of the past. The hands-free sanitation solution finds and removes mummies and provides real-time orchard insights to improve the health and yield of your next harvest season. Insight TRAC serves almond producers in California and Australia, but has plans to expand to wherever the market demands. With the increasing scarcity of farm laborers, robots will have an ever-expanding role on farms.

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